AJ's Club Bimini

Club Bimini has been one of America’s Top 100 Nightclubs for over a decade. 

One trip to Club Bimini you will find out why it’s popular to both locals and visitors. Laid back, great music and a great place to see and be seen.  Club Bimini boast spectacular views of the Destin Harbor’s East Pass and serves up libations like no other. 

It’s a fantastic place to suck down some fresh from Gulf Coast Oysters from our newly renovated Oyster Palace, and AJ’s signature cocktail the Bimini Bash while watching the Destin Charter Boats bring in the days catch.

At night is when Club Bimini comes alive…

…especially when AJ’s most rocking house band, Black Eyed Blonde, takes stage.  Black Eyed Blonde turns AJ’s laid back day atmosphere into a deck rocking good time with few left sitting in their seats. 

Black Eyed Blonde carves the way for AJ’s headlining band.  These bands come from all over the USA just for a chance to showcase their talents to all the AJ’s friends and family.  AJ’s headlining bands play Thursday through Saturday from 9:30pm-2am

Now Sundays at AJ’s are a real musical treat!

With Jones’ and Company playing every Sunday afternoon at 4pm, you will sure find that Sundays at AJ’s is the best day.  You will find Club Bimini packed with locals and visitors alike.  *Plus, Sundays are when we have our famous seafood boil! A Sunday at AJ’s will definitely help take you into to Monday with a smile on your face, music in your soul and a happy belly.